To sell a horse on FENCESWEB, nothing simpler.

Step 1 : Connection!

create an account or connect to your account if you already registeredhere
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create an account or connect to your account if you already registered here

Step 2: Access your personal profile by clicking on your profile icon

Your personal space, allows you in real time to follow your horses for sale, your current bids and to follow the horses who have interested you and for which you want to be alerted about their sale or about a new auction...
This space will also allow you to access your invoices.

Step 3 : Follow the auction and follow your horse

At the opening of the sale, please connect to Fencesweb and follow the sale of your horse.

Reminder: all our sales are without reserve, so it is to you to defend your horse.

Follow the auction and decide for yourself when you're ready to let your horse go.

Step 4 : Your horse get sold

At the auction’s closure, if your horse got biddings he is sold!
You will get an email to inform you about the sell price and the additional fees.
The buyer will have to pick him up at your place within 10 days !

Step 5 : Get your money

After the sale, you will receive your seller statement reminding you of the amount of the costs of sale and the amount you will receive for your horse sold.
The money will be wired on your bank account 30 days after the auction’s date.

This is now up to you to sell your horse on Fencesweb !

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